The Sparta Group, LLC....In the Game for over 35 years

The Sparta Group, LLC... In the Game for over 35 years



Mike Cameron, 3 time Gold Glove Winner, All Star, 17 Year Major Leaguer

This relationship became a part of my life when I was 19 years old and for the last 17 years, the relationship I have had with The Sparta Group has had a tremendous impact on my family and the extensions of my family. My family from Sparta Group has allowed me to blossom not only as a baseball player, but as a young teen becoming a grown man. The responsibilities that I have entrusted The Sparta Group with over the years make it much easier for me and my family to adjust to professional life. For anyone who is deciding that they want not only an agent, but a friend for life, I would say Sparta Group is the way to go.


Todd Greene, 12 Year Major League catcher and current Assistant to the GM for the Diamondbacks

It's easy to be an agent for a player who is a top prospect or is thriving in the Major Leagues. It's

When you get released the last day of spring training or put on waivers, thats you need an agent you can count on to be by your side. The Sparta Group helped me through every situation a player could possibly go through. I have created a relationship with these guys that is life long, not just business as usual. Bill Boyd provides life management that is honest and genuine. Mike, Bill and Gene worked harder for me my last 3 years as a player than any 7 year major league player should expect. My 12 years as a Major Leaguer was made easier by The Sparta Group.


Paula Mulford, mother of 8 year big leaguer jeff davanon

As a parent, entrusting your son to an agent is one of the biggest decisions that will ever impact his future. For nine years, Mike Nicotera has personally looked after the best 

interests of my son. Mike has always kindly been available to me to answer my questions. He has been terrific about keeping me informed about pivotal events in my son's career. In the complex world of baseball deals and transactions, this has been a godsend to my peace of mind.

Mike's biggest strength is negotiating excellent deals that are fair and reasonable for both sides of the table. He has terrific relationships with GM's and front office personnel. He knows how to work within the system to accomplish the best end result for his clients. He always puts the player's desires first and foremost. He has great judgment and competency. His character and integrity are impeccable. Most importantly, I trust Mike Nicotera.

The Sparta Group also takes the long view of the importance of responsible investing and the growing of assets. A primary goal of The Sparta Group is to secure, as a team, a financial cushion for their clients outside of baseball.