The Sparta Group, LLC....In the Game for over 35 years

The Sparta Group, LLC... In the Game for over 35 years


Our Philosophy revolves around a number of different factors

Nate McLouth
2008 All Star and Gold Glove winner

Overall Negotiating Experience

The Sparta Group,LLC. has been representing professional baseball players in the Major Leagues, the Minor Leagues, and overseas since 1980. During this time, we have developed what we believe is a unique and effective approach to the representation of professional athletes.  

Our 35 years of contract negotiating experience includes preparing and presenting numerous salary arbitration cases, as well as major free agent negotiations. A few of these negotiations are noted below: 


  • Nate McLouth's 2013, two year, guaranteed $10.75 million contract with the Nationals makes him the best paid "4th" outfielder in baseball.
  • Matt Lindstrom's 2012, two year, $6.3 million contract with the Chicago White Sox represented the 3rd and 4th consecutive years that Matt was paid in excess of $3 million per year as a set-up reliever. 
  • Matt Lindstrom's 2010, two year, guaranteed $6.6 million contract with the Colorado Rockies done while still only a 4 year play made him one of the highest paid set-up men in baseball.
  • Mike Cameron's 2 year 2010, guaranteed $15.5 million dollar contract with the Red Sox brought Mike over the $70 million mark in salary earned over his career.
  • Nate McLouth's 2009, 3-year plus option guaranteed contract, worth up to $26.9 million, was the largest contract ever given to a Pittsburgh Pirate player prior to his free agency.
  • Troy Glaus' 2006, re-negotiated five-year, guaranteed $56.95 million contract with the Toronto Blue Jays made him the second highest paid Third Baseman in baseball ($11.39 million per year), despite having missed over one hundred games a year earlier due to injury.
  • Mike Cameron's 2004, four-year, $26 million guaranteed contract with the New York Mets was widely regarded in the industry as an outstanding deal, given his performance and the contracts given to comparable players.
  • Troy Glaus' 2001 four-year, $23 million contract with the Anaheim Angels was the most lucrative deal ever given to a two-year player, eclipsing the previous deal by over $4 million.
  • Jeff Davanon's 2005, arbitration contract with the Anaheim Angels was praised by the Major League Baseball Players' Association for raising the salary level for first time arbitration eligible 4th outfielders.
  • Julio Zuleta's 2006, two-year plus option guaranteed contract worth $11.1 million with the Chiba Lotte Marines made him the third highest paid player in the entire Japanese Pacific League.
  • Pokey Reese's 2000 arbitration contract with the Cincinnati Reds for $1.95 million, which garnered him a 622% raise, represented the highest percentage raise given to an arbitration eligible player that year
  • Tom Henke's 1993, three-year, $8.53 million contract with the Texas Rangers made him the highest paid reliever in Baseball history.
  • Pedro Feliciano's 2007, $602,000 contract was the largest one-year deal done by a two-year player in 2007.
  • Johnny Oliver's 1996 Amateur Signing Bonus Contract for $672,000 with the Cincinnati Reds represented the highest singing bonus ever given to a Reds draft player.  
  • Frank Viola's 1988, three-year contract with the Minnesota Twins made him the first $3 million per year player in Baseball history.


International Experience

Baseball is a global business, and our experience with players and teams from all over the world is extensive. In our more than 35 year history, we have represented players from Japan, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Panama, Australia, Canada, Curacao, the Virgin Islands, the Netherlands, as well as the United States. We have done numerous contract negotiations for both foreign and American-born players in both the United States and abroad. They include the following: 

As noted above, Julio Zuleta's 2006, two-year plus option guaranteed contract worth $11.1 million with the Chiba Lotte Marines made him the third highest paid player in the entire Japanese Pacific League.

Following an outstanding season in Japan in 2005, we negotiated a one year Major League contract for left-handed reliever Pedro Feliciano with the New York Mets. Pedro finished the 2006 season with the 3rd best ERA amongst National League relievers.

Tsuyoshi Shinjo's 2003, two-year, $1.85 million guaranteed contract with the New York Mets made him the FIRST Japanese position player in history to sign a Major League contract in the United States. We are proud to have negotiated such a landmark contract.

The 1995 contracts of Australian amateur free agents Matthew Gourlay ($500,000) and Chad Needle ($525,000) represented the second and third highest signing bonuses EVER given to an Australian Free Agent. 

In addition to the above Major League contracts, we negotiate winter baseball contracts every year with teams from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela.


Amateur Advisory Services

The Sparta Group has also been advising amateur players since 1980. This group of players has ranged from college and high school first round draft choices to Australian-born free agents. Our philosophy with regard to amateurs has always centered around two major points: maintaining a player's amateur eligibility so as not to jeopardize their standing as a student athlete; and educating both the player and the family on the realities of entering professional baseball (i.e. the present and true value of any contract they may consider, given taxes, expenses, etc.). 

We strongly believe that our job, even more so in the case of amateurs, is to provide education and information. Because of the "newness" of the process for amateur athletes and their families, it is incumbent upon us not to tell them "what they want to hear" but rather to provide them with truths about the process that will allow them to make the best and most informed decision given their particular circumstances. Signing a professional baseball contract is a life-changing decision for an individual AND a family. We believe it must be treated as such.


Minor League Negotiations

 We also take great pride in negotiating every contract for our players, from the $1,500 per month negotiations in the minor leagues, up through the multi-million dollar negotiations of arbitration and free agency. We feel that this allows the client to become comfortable with the process of negotiation, and allows him to get to know The Sparta Group. It also establishes a record of preparedness and professionalism on behalf of the client with the club.

We have a reputation with Major League clubs, as well as the Major League Baseball Players Association, of being very well prepared and diligent, whether we are talking about millions of dollars, or a minor league contract. We take great pride in this reputation.


Endorsements and Marketing

In addition to negotiations with all of the Major League Baseball teams, as well as International clubs, we also have extensive experience negotiating endorsement and equipment deals. We believe in establishing a personalized marketing strategy for each player, both at the Major and Minor League level, so that we can most effectively maximize his success on the field. From national commercials with companies such as MasterCard™ and Sony™ to card and equipment deals with Upper Deck™, Topps™, Nike™, Rawlings™, New Balance™, Adidas™, etc., we have a long and established history of endorsement contacts and negotiations.


Client Educaton

Our approach with regard to ALL of our services is to EDUCATE the client so that he may make good, sound decisions. We do not believe in the philosophy of making decisions for our clients. Instead, we believe in providing each client with the information and understanding necessary to make the best possible decision, whether he be leasing a car, buying a house, or signing a multi-year contract.